Your healing bath

“Water – is the best in the universe substance that can store and transmit information.
So. If you received an advise to take healing bath, you should know, that at tis moment I synchronize to you and send you healing energy, that my Master – very great healer, who lives in the mountains as a hermit, gives to me.
Here are some tips, that will help you to get this energy quickly:
– Try take the bath with empty stomach at the same time every night before going to sleep.
– Water must be body temperature, i.e. about 36 degrees:
– Diseases of the spine at an ideal temperature 34 degrees (if it is the cold – can be 35 degrees), the heart does not try to be immersed in the water, wherein water can be added salt or healing herbs.
– If something particularly hurts, try a sore spot at least a little to take in water, if, say, a head, eyes, etc.
– For colds, weakness, loss of strength and energy level – 36 degrees (if it’s cold, it can be a little higher – how many degrees will be comfortable)
– Psoriasis to take a cool bath and held sessions Indo-Tibetan healing method with the settings on the nervous system
– Infectious diseases (butselez, etc.) to take a warm bath, and the heart to try not to submerge it in water.
– It is recommended to do the bath to everyone who overworked.
Duration receiving a bath – 10 minutes – no more. Make this time – your healing meditation and improve the effect with a help of Healing Gyud music.
Baths should be taken for 7 days, then 2 days break, then repeat. And so to repeat them until they are cured.
If after 2 courses of baths will not be better, it is necessary to turn to the initiate in the Indo-Tibetan healing method for passing sessions and further passing the baths.
When serious illness bath should be done a few months.
If it is impossible to take a bath, you can do foot bath with warm water.
Try during the period of admission does not get cold baths because it takes a lot of energy healing and help teachers out to fight the virus, rather than the content of your body and its healing.
Keep an active healthy lifestyle, yoga, drink grass, do spiritual practices – and all will be well!
Be healthy! Live happily ever after!”

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