Why do we fall ill?

We fall ill, because we can’t find the time for ourselves, for the self-cultivation, for the self-development. We find the time for everything, except for engaging in our own health.
Laziness, lack of commitment, feeble-mindedness and overnutrition – these are our fundamental illnesses. The laziness – is the human’s malady, caused by the decline of the general energetics, the absence of purpose.
The affect by the field parasite (the essence), the availability of a powerful egoistic focus often become the reason of the laziness. The negative traits of character – are our illnesses. Many people quail, upon facing the difficulties. This is particularly so with the ill people. Many of them would like to get healed in such a way, which would require less efforts, inconveniences, caused by the therapeutic procedures, the way if life. They don’t wish to live in the discomfort, they are sunk in their habits and they don’t wish to part with the habits. There’s no task-oriented, volitional effort, there’s only a wish, which falls upon the opponency of Your own habits, of the vicious way of life. The life, lived in a willy-nilly manner turns the human’s organism into the garbage dump, which is a food to the omnifarious maladies. By taking the dump site out of our organism, we eliminate it’s consequences – the maladies, as well. The conclusion can be made on grounds of that: it doesn’t matter, what disease you’re ill with, get down to the abstersion with confidence and the positive result will emerge without fail You’ll make sure, that the natural sanitation – is the best way out of the dead end of maladies. Only the acknowledged attitude towards your life, the possession of information and the activity can help you to solve any problem.
The ignorance – is first of all the nescience of the human’s nature, of his (her) constitution, of the way to behave in this or that situation, the nescience (and the unwillingness to know) the laws of the Outer Space. The healing’s success depends on the cognition of the organism’s structure and of the reasons of the maladies’ emergence.
Your personal efforts, expended upon the struggle against illnesses, will enrich You with experience, they will indurate you spiritually. You will be the creator of your own health, you’ll believe in Your strengths and the in healing energies within you. Whereas the other means, no matter how good they are, make You passive, weak-willed, dependent. By working on yourself, You’ll understand, that the former world, habits, traits of character and all the rest of it, the parasites, which sponged on Your energy, won’t leave you in that simple way.
«I earned this malady, so, it is me, who needs to work on myself. And nobody will do this work instead of me!» – here’s the motto of any ill person, who desires the actual recovery.
The meaningful struggle for your own self is in store for You, against that garbage, which got accumulated in Your subconsciousness during numerous lives, forming the false personality, and which controls this personality, like a marionette.
Memorize the most important thing! Only the human himself is to blame for his own ailment and bad luck in his (her) life. Until he (she) realizes that and changes himself – nothing is going to change around him (her). Neither the energetic flows, caused by the traits of character, are going to change, which damage his (her) health. The karma and the fortune, which grew ripe upon a firm attitude towards life, aren’t going to change. On the other hand, if he (she) realizes and finds the motivation and strength in him(her)self to change it – everything is going to change. The health will restore, the serenity will emerge in the consciousness, the fortune will change dramatically.
Being healthy – is a hard work. No recipes will help, unless you understand this verity. The mistake of most of the people lies in the fact, that they accumulate diseases for decades, but they wish to get rid of diseases in a week, in a month. The road of 1000 km starts with a small step, as the masters of Zen say. And it is very important to walk constantly on this path, at whatever cost. The healing of the human starts with the healing of the mind. In order to heal the body, the soul needs to be cured. The maladies are the litmus paper of the soul’s problems. No healing is possible without the understanding of this.
The way of life – is the most important factor, which determines the human’s health. The wrong way of life, the wrong nutrition, the negative thoughts – are the source of all the maladies – as the mental ones, so too the corporal ones.
The healthy way of life – is the activity, the mobility, the inquisitiveness, the restlessness, the mental youth, the interest towards new things.
The human will never get rid of diseases without changing his (her) consciousness. And only the one, who sets the noble goal before him (her), will be able to win his flaws and attachments, to free the mind from the nescience, the ignorance, taking the path of healing. In the final count, You’re to learn much more about yourself on your way to health, rather than simply the fact «whether you may get healed or not».
Only the complete life’s shift can make You harmonically healthy as mentally, so too physically.
Answer the following questions to yourself:
– Have I purified my past?
– Have I told the God, that, regardless of the things happening, I am pleased with everything?
– Have I really taken care of my spirituality?
It’s time to work on the whole human, not only on
the body, which total only 2-3% of him all.
“No creature of the Go was sent here, in order to suffer. They were sent here, in order to disclose, what they can do.” (Kryon)

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