Which is the correct way of thinking? 

Thinking is needed in order to know how to think in the right way!  
One’s thinking is often not directed towards the kindling of useful emotions, as with confession for example, but towards complacency. Even when something touches him/her, they still try to calm it down: “Well, it is ok, it happens to all, it will leave in due time…”
One wants to avoid mental suffering, but torture is brought about exactly by his/her total oblivion and deep sleep.  In a way, one uses thinking to go more deeply into sleep.

Strong emotions may well wake one up, but then he/she calms everything down and lulls his/her ‘self’ once more into sleep.
The way of thinking must indeed be transformed!
At first it is very difficult to awaken to a state of prayer. If by evoking this state, this happens at least once, then one will think correctly “This time I did not succeed, this is apathy, this is bad!” and so on.
If one could think like this, then gradually negative reactions will weaken and positive ones will strengthen, because he/she would no longer suppress them by resorting to complacency.

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