Darshan notes

Without conscious work, without understanding how and why it happens, you begin to be drawn into the events around you. You sleep, no one touches you and you decay.
Only conscience will save you, as God gave it to you precisely for this very reason!
Without remembering yourself, you end up in deep sleep and there cannot be conscience at all. If, however, there is conscience, and thinking moves from it, this will lead to correct thoughts.
To be precise, correct thinking is the very first stage of spiritual development. The real work on your ‘self’ begins, the minute you attempt to understand something, i.e. form correct thinking.
Where does the Spiritual Path begin? 
The Bible writes: “At the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was GOD…” There John’s Gospel starts with these words. If we want to know where the Spiritual Path starts from, we can see that one starts by changing the way of thinking.
Like this, in spite of living as before, in spite of the fact that the old parts of the brain work in the old fashion, under the influence of the tutors, the seminars and other people, one begins to shift his/her way of thinking. Thus, the thinking system changes altogether.
The trouble is that the thoughts that are changed pertain only to one of the many ‘I’, whilst the remaining multiple ‘I’ within the being go on thinking as before.
So, the first step in one’s transformation is that all these ‘parts’ should think correctly and never again form incorrect thoughts.
This is the meaning of confession: confession happens when one thinks correctly.
Correct thinking and the synchronic working of all parts, thanks to correct categories of Knowledge, makes it so  that your thoughts constantly direct you  to realising your lack of awareness (consciousness) in every one of your actions,  and remind  you of the need of manifesting your willpower, and making the ‘I am’ be.
The whole function of thinking should always direct you towards this goal!
When there is proper thinking, Spiritual growth begins.
As it turns out, it is precisely the thinking that reminds one of consciousness and other things he/she cannot do without, so that these can slowly awaken in them.



But how to wake conscience up?

One needs to think about it constantly;
there is no other way, whatsoever! So, one needs to:
– read books about this 
– think 
– listen to music.
All of these trigger some thoughts,
so that one will wake up more often.

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