Borovaya Mother (Orthilia Secunda) is anciently known as women’s herb. According to a legend, before God created a man on Earth, he blew his breath of life into plants to give plants man-like characteristics. Borovaya Mother, like Eve of the botanical world, carries in itself an essence of a true feminine nature!

«Oh, dear Mother Borovaya! You are the forest’s hostess, please, have pity on me and help to bear a child for me, » chanted women in ancient times while taking Borovaya Mother to heal infertility. Affectionately and with a special care they referred to the medicinal plant because of its miraculous power.
Borovaya Mother is created by the nature specifically for women’s health and happiness. The plant produces amazing substances with hormone-like effects called, phytohormones, which regulate levels of hormonal production in women’s body and positively affect ability to conceive. Millions of women overcame infertility by taking this amazing herb.

This medicinal herb is also effective in treating a variety of women’s associated general illnesses; menstrual irregularities, menopause, cystic ovaries, inflammation of ovaries, erosions, dysfunctional uterine bleeding. Also, myomas and fibroids, breast cancers (fibroadenoma, mastopathy), cystitis, kidney disease and hemorrhoids. For women with a history of abortions, the magical healing power of this plant helps nurture the body by healing and restoring function of the uterus.
It brings a relieving action to expecting mothers who suffer from toxicosis, and helps to protect against miscarriages.
This healing herb was gathered from the high altitude regions of Russian Altai Mountains, unique for its purity and high-vibration energy field.

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