Shamanic expedition «To places of power » – discover a different world.

Are you tired of beach, cultural, spa vacation, and looking for something special? Do you like to dive deeply in history and culture, travel to places of power, explore spiritual traditions and discover new facets in yourself? Do you want not only to recuperate, but also to solve your problems with health, personal relationships or finances?

Then this shamanic expedition is for you!

August 11-22, 2016

(Registration before June 1)

This summer you have the opportunity to go on an exciting journey with a group of like-minded people and guides-shamans – from the books «After Death» and «The Adventure of Mystic»!

During 10-day shamanic expedition you will:

●feel the healing air of Lake Baikal and the powerful energy of natural places of power.
●You will discover local mysteries and legends, knowledge that used to be owned only by shamans, and even the secret of greatness!

To help you receive the maximum benefit from the expedition, each day of the trip will be devoted to a particular topic and specific practices. Thousands of people were able to change their lives after this expedition. Using the gained knowledge, they:
●solved their karmic problems,
●healed themselves and their families,
●found love,
●attracted good fortune into their lives,
●gained financial well-being.

How did they do it and what helped them in this? The answers to these questions are revealed during our trip!

What is included in the program of the expedition?

Day 1 (August 12). On this day, we will open energetic space of the expedition, charge it with welfare and ask the spirits of Baikal for support in our journey. You will be able to get in touch with the world of local legends for the first time! You will uncover the secret of personal power of the great conqueror, the founder of the Mongol Empire and the father of the nation, who left a huge posterity.

We will visit Ivolginsky Datsan, on its territory there is an incorruptible body of Dashi-Dorzho Itigilov, which has truly miraculous properties. You will be able to worship the «precious body» of Lama, ask for healing of illnesses or help in difficult life situation.

Then you will return to base, which is located on the shore of Lake Baikal, go to the banya and relax.

Day 2 ( August 13). The day will be devoted to the purification and recovery according to the ancient tradition of health, healing and gaining strength of the Mongolian and Buryat shamans on the shore of Lake Baikal. You will learn about the healing power of herbs, tinctures, ointments. You will be able to pick your own healing tea collection, which will provide you with vitality, burst of energy and good health.

Women will learn the secret of making the guarding talisman for men. It is known that for the first time such a talisman- Borte. The talisman saved the great commander in battle and in peace, protected him from evil forces, criminals and traitors a thousand times. You will also be able to make such a talisman for your man!

Day 3 (August 14). On this day we will be able to visit the datsan of Goddess Yanzhima. Worshiping her prolongs youth, cures diseases of the stomach and liver, confers fertility, treats alcohol and tobacco dependence. There will be held individual rituals for childless couples who dream of a child. And also for the first time, by appointment and individually, we will conduct a powerful ritual for business expansion and prosperity of your company.

Day 4 (August 15). On this day we will visit the natural places of Power of Barguzin valley: Suvinsky Saxon castle and relic stone «Buhe-Shuluun». On special days the strongest rituals are held at these places. Spiritual practices are especially effective here due to the high concentration of energy.

You will also learn the shamanic principles of child rearing. You will learn what steppe mothers did to make their children strong. You will be able to charge the talismans for the development of genius in your children, as well as talismans for protection and harmony in the family.

Day 5 (August 16). We will visit a luxurious Indian rock garden – one of the natural monuments marked by UNESCO. Its boulders contain magical powers – touch them with pure thoughts and the power of the stones will absorb all the negative and endow you with its positive energy!

You will also take part in rituals for enhancing your own business and your influence. You will charge the power items for good luck, success and prosperity. Moreover, on this day there will be held a shamanic guide for meeting with the spirit of Baikal, that will open to you the secrets of his boundless strength!
Day 6 (August 17). Since that day we will start a boat trip to the north of Lake Baikal. We will visit Barguzin Nature Reserve, enjoy the pristine nature of one of the most mysterious and unexplored places of Power on the planet – Buryatia.

On this day, there will be held individual rituals of blessings for great spiritual and secular affairs. Those, who practice the shamanic path, will have the opportunity to get their own objects of power.

Day 7 (August 18). On this day, we will continue our boat trip to the places of Power of Buryatia. You will learn the specific techniques of relaxation, meditation, bringing down the healing streams and contact with extraterrestrial civilizations with the music of Good impact. You will have the opportunity to choose your individual music that will help you in solving problems and discovering talents.

The theme of sacrifice power in shamanism of Buryatia and Siberia will be revealed to you. You will learn how to perform sacrifice ritual for healing, creating the future, gaining the patronage of the heavenly spirits for the whole family. In addition, you will learn what sacrifices spirit Baikal had to make, and what the outcome was.

Day 8 (August 19). We will continue the journey along the left bank of the northern part of Lake Baikal. You will receive priceless knowledge on how to build a harmonious life, combining both secular and spiritual missions and what kind of assistance you can get from a great shaman Kutai Kam.

Day 9 (August 20). On this day, we will finish a boat trip and spend a great shaman ritual «Journey through the 4 worlds to harmonize your life and life on Earth». We will bid farewell to the spirits and thank them for their support.

Day 10 (August 21). We will return to base, and you will have the opportunity to sum up the results of our expedition. In addition, on the last day we will hold a circular prayer for the terminally ill and for those who are in difficult or insoluble situation. This practice helps to bring back the happy fate and fill you with positive energy. In the evening, you will enjoy a farewell bonfire and shamanic music concert: guimbarde and tambourine playing, throat singing. Also, we will conduct a ritual of charging gifts and souvenirs for your loved ones

Day 11 (August 22). Transfer to Irkutsk. Free day in Irkutsk. There can be optional tours of the city and assistance in finding overnight stops in Irkutsk, if necessary. Transfer to the airport

The expedition «To places of power» will be not only a vivid adventure for you, but also a revelation, an opportunity to see the world through different eyes.

You will get rid of poverty and failure, gain assistance of Baikal places of Power, solve your own problems and the problems of your family.

You will want to share acquired energy with your loved ones, to give them love and harmony, which you will get during this trip. Hurry up to register and become a part of the magic!


1.There can be changes during the expedition. According to shamanic tradition, it is necessary to obtain permission from the spirits to visit every ritual place. Therefore, not only weather conditions affect the expedition route, but also the state of a group of disciples.
Shamans reserve the right to change the route or tour program for the best results and harmonious traveling and studying shamanism and local traditions.

2. Due to the weather conditions, a boat trip may be delayed (for reasons of safety a boat trip is impossible during the storm), it is recommended to take return tickets with time to spare, or tickets that can be changed. (For example, the departure on August 22 in the evening or August 23 in the morning)

Please bring:
1.Comfortable hiking change of clothes, footwear, headgear designed for weather conditions from -5 to +35. Warm clothes: jacket, sweater, woolen socks, hat, gloves, light windproof jacket,
2.A good raincoat (not polyethylene, it is recommended to buy in professional sports stores)
3.Sleeping bag, camping mat
4.Be sure to have: sunglasses, sunscreen, hat to protect you from the sun
5.Clothing for rituals around the fire (that can be burned)
6.Ritual clothing for shamanic practices
7.Shamanic musical Instruments: guimbarde, tambourine, rattle
8.Photos of your loved ones, for whom we should pray
9.Bath and swimming accessories
10.Flashlight with spare batteries, sport mat
11.Camera, notebook, pen, water container (bottle or flask)
12.Hiking travel backpack for all things (not a bag on wheels), small backpack for small hikes

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Vamos seguir o exemplo espiritual das!(Portug)

​Gostaria de contar como os artistas, pessoas famosas conseguem a ajuda. O que mais me marcou foi quando encontrei o Boris Grebenshikov, que conheci no Baikal no verão de 2014. Foi interessante, coincidiu de a gente passar tempo no mesmo lugar e onde ele ficou era perto de onde eu tinha me hospedado. Em uma das noites Boris me contou sobre os problemas de uma pessoa muito próxima a ele, Irina, e me pediu algumas dicas espirituais sobre as causas que tinham levado a mulher que ele amava àqueles problemas. Estou muito feliz porque a Irina venceu as doenças do sistema urinário que ela tinha na época e depois de se curar ela ajuda ao marido maravilhoso dela a permanecer uma individualidade destacante no palco. E esse não é o único caso de as estrelas receberem ajuda espiritual. Na minha prática de trabalho com estrelas que se mostraram pessoas muito espirituais, que depois agradeceram muito aos xamãs, e o caminho que eles trilharam.
Provavelmente vocês saibam que as pessoas famosas como Alla Borisovna Pugatchiôva, Kristina Orbakaite, Irina Allegrova praticam meditações. Laima Vaikule que encontrei uma vez em Urmala, me contou que yoga a ajuda maravilhosamente bem para tirar o estresse. Pude ensinar e passar para ela um conhecimento antigo da ginástica elava que praticamos um pouco. Portanto, meus queridos, é muito importante lembrar que se as estrelas usam os métodos de auto ajuda de aliviar o estresse que são conhecidos por milênios, nós também podemos usar esses métodos tornando-nos cada vez mais feliz e saudável.

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Special bonuses for collaboration

Collaboration & PARTNERSHIP
We propose potential partners a collaboration to organize events in Europe, Latin America, USA, Canada, Australia
The proposal to organizers & potential partners
Special bonuses for collaboration
Partnership program provides special bonuses for organizers and their teams:

Special training for the organizer and the team about how to invite more people, sales technics, how to create the effective ads. Trainers will share the international experience
1 individual session for organizer or his family for people that the organizer will invite to the event or individual work
Special bonus to organizer for all materials (books, CDs, DVD)
International perspective. Trainers can place the info about the organizer, logos at their international platforms: webs, pages, FB accounts and so on.
Our proposal describes 2 packages for partnership and collaboration

General & exclusive

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