Ladamira is a shaman and spiritual healer. She hails from Siberia, Russia and is a ninth generation Slavic healer.
For over 20 years, Ladamira has practiced her craft of connecting female wisdom with shamanic traditions to provide transformative spiritual healing. She combines intuition with inherited knowledge of ancient shamanic practices and way of life to help empower people to lead a more wholehearted life.
Ladamira travels around the world to share her unique knowledge and perform powerful shamanic healing rituals. Through shamanic workshops and retreats, Ladamira has helped thousands of people access, and restore, harmony and balance in their lives.
Ladamira regularly returns to Siberia — where shamanism remains an important tradition — to reconnect with other respected shamanic healers and elders. She continues to deepen her knowledge and connection to the Divine, and helps her students and clients harness their potential for a healthy and fulfilling life. 

What is Shamanism?

​Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and way of life. It often refers to the powerful connection of nature with all of creation.
The word shaman originates from the Tungus tribe in Siberia. Traditionally, shamanism describes the ancient spiritual practices of indigenous cultures. And while Slavic shamanism is considered among the first authentic forms of connecting with the spirit world, countless similarities have been observed in other cultures.
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