About a Prayer

Bathe yourself before the prayer, my love!
Enter me like the passion of the ocean
And in the ecstasy of love find God in me…

From an Indian manuscript “The mystery of foreplay in water”

I don’t want to talk today about power of the prayer. We all know the power of words, thoughts and concentration. Suggest you to live this experience through. Just again and again and it is never too much. just light your inner world and let this light spread all around. Suggesting you a piece from the book about my Master and some prayers to help you in daily life below.
“ Here the night came first and the first stars appeared in the sky.  The Guru was still sitting in a lotus Pose waiting for the end of his earthly being. All his life was slowly passing in front of his inner view. He saw pictures of his past and his other lives. He saw himself as a little boy quietly sitting on a sofa and watching his granny praying in front of an icon placed in a corner near a window.
Granny, what are you doing? – asked the grand son.
I’m praying, my little boy, I’m talking to God, the Creator of our Universe. He loves us every much and he wants us to love Him. When you are praying and fell gratitude in your heart it means that you fell God loves you. It means that God is speaking to you in the language of the Heart
The boy kneeled and began to pray to God for the first time in this Life
Oh God, I love you very much, I what to be with You forever, was he repeating and as he became more and more open and trustful, gratitude was filling is heart and he was silently crying. He was crying because of happiness, since he was felling again his fathers love, once more in a sequence of rebirths he opened himself for acceptance of his love.”

For the good day, before you start any activity:

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