Women’s Health and Beauty

“Woman as a Goddess!”




All women are Goddesses. They are a source of light, love and life for others. Their powerful energy and sexuality bring new life into the world. And while their wisdom guides emotional stability, many are suffering inside.

Deep rooted emotional pain, mental stress, sexual frustration, low vibration and self-esteem are common feelings among women around the world. It’s no wonder that debilitating diseases persist despite rapid medical advancements and scientific breakthroughs.

But there is hope!

Spiritual Healing and Women’s Health

Our course “Women’s Health” focuses on empowering women to take charge of their mental and physical health. Through spiritual healing and shamanic traditions, we address all aspects of women’s well-being: physical, emotional, psychological, and sexual.

During the course we share simple, yet powerful, exercises and meditations to balance and re-establish complete health. Connecting mind, body and emotions, these exercises were developed to help women achieve complete harmony with themselves, their families and the world around them.



Sexual Energy and Vitality
A woman’s vitality, health and beauty rests largely on the power of her sexual energy. A woman’s sexual energy is the most powerful path to her vitality, youth, health and beauty. Yet so many women feel disconnected form their feminine selves. Releasing stress, fatigue and low vibrations can harmonize a woman’s physical and psychological state of being.

As a shaman and spiritual healer, Ladamira helps women around the world rejuvenate and refresh their feminine power.


1. What is female energy? How can a woman feel this energy?
Qualities and characteristics. Sacred dances for awaking of Power of Shakti: female, the dynamic aspect of the absolute.

2. Your body, the sacred temple of Shakti. Flexibility and beauty.
Special movements, exercises and breathings. Signing of Mantras.

3. How to recognize the energetic attacks. Ways to liberate from negative influences and blocks that prevent your talents from blossoming. Techniques for revealing your talents. Healing Arts.

4. Creativity in business. Creative vision to reach success.



Release from attachment to sugar and sweets.

Shamanism and Female Wisdom

Shamanism and Female Wisdom focuses on the sacred power of women and their connection with nature. Underlying the feminine role in shamanism are the universal laws harmony between humans, nature, the elements and the cosmos.

Through ancient mystical rituals and shamanic traditions connected with the “night light” movement, women can increase their natural magnetism and help strengthen their harmonious relationship with men.

The one year course is designed around shamanic teachings and the strength and wisdom of
shamanic Goddess Umai.

Below is a sample of the program.



Course’s Program

The teachings of this program consist of sequential seminars and individual development work. Participants can track their individual progress and have frequent contact with the instructor.

Course Topics:

  • Opening of channel of intuition
  • Contact with extraterrestrial civilizations
  • Aura vision
  • Clear audition/hearing
  • Contact with the supra -conscious (with the Superior)
  • Clear perception
  • Healing

 Practical Application:

  • Static Meditation
  • Nidra Yoga
  • Trance
  • Hypnotic trance
  • Rebirthing
  • Dynamic meditation
  • Seance (Spiritualist meeting)
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