Love and Relationships

Love and Relationships – The Art of Love and Harmony

According to ancient shamanic teachings, a deep connection with a beloved partner contributes to a balanced and harmonious relationship with nature and the Divine.

In Taoism, as in many pre-Christian traditions, sexuality and spirituality are inseparable. In other words, a love relationship between two people can embody spirituality and a true understanding of God.

Shamanic Workshop for Relationships

In times of hardship or crisis, it’s not uncommon to lose sight of what’s really important in life. For some it may be the loss of a relationship, or worse, the loss of their connection with the Divine. When this happens, the world around us seems bleak and insecure. This is where shamanic healing techniques can be extremely useful.

Using ancient traditions and spiritual healing offered in shamanic workshops, a person can re-establish their connection with the Source. Basic course topics include:

  • Integral tantra yoga
  • Onome- your cosmic second half
  • Moon rituals
  • Embrion of intention
  • Power of lineage
  • Differences between male and female energetic systems





Practical Spiritual Healing Meditation: Field of Love


In our workshops and during our shamanic healing retreats we often practice meditation to restore balance in our physical and spiritual bodies. Below is a practical spiritual healing meditation that you can do at home.

1)Sit comfortably in a quite and safe space. Make sure your spine is straight and that there is no strain on your joints. If you are meditating with others, you can sit in a circle. If you’re on your own, imagine yourself surrounded by like-minded people. These can be your family, friends, neighbors, or even strangers around the world who are channeling positive energy and restoring balance in their lives. If you are meditating with others, you can sit in a circle.

2)Place a childhood photo of yourself, or pictures of your children, in front of you to help stimulate an emotional connection. Concentrate on the photo and think of what you cherish about the person in the photo.Think of your children, nieces, nephews, cousins, and children around the world who need and deserve love. Imagine how your love can help them. Cover your eyes if you feel distracted, and try to see the images with just your mind.

3)Begin to breath deeply. With every inhale, reinforce your calm and relaxed state of mind. As you exhale, release the blocks preventing you from experiencing joy. If you feel you’ve been wronged, release and forgive with every exhale. As you inhale, try to re-connect with the pleasant and cheerful feelings from your childhood. Listen to your beating heart as you inhale, filling it with love and positivity. Release the anxiety and grief as you exhale. Repeat as many times as necessary until you feel a lightness of being.

4)Now imagine yourself outdoors. Think of the most beautiful place you’ve visited. Can you see it in your mind? Ponder the beauty and serenity around you. You’re surrounded by love and can take your time to enjoy this time and space. Feel the warmth of sunrise on your face. Hear the gentle whispers of the grass below your feet, and the steady gurgling of a water stream nearby. Fill yourself with harmony and power as you inhale the crisp air. Release any negative thoughts with every exhale.

5)Devote this precious time solely to yourself. Without any distractions, allow yourself to experience your emotions. Check in with your manifested feelings. Do you want to laugh, or weep? Whatever comes up for you now, give yourself permission to just feel the healing power. Graciously appreciate your mind, body and spirit for what they have offered you.

You should feel your heart filled with love, and fully open to receive and give love to others. If so, congratulations! You’ve found a spiritual healing method that works for you.

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