Health: Mind and Body

Shamanic Healing for A Healthy Body

A healthy body is one of the biggest benefits of shamanic healing. Using ancient shamanic healing techniques, you can transform your health and deepen your connection with the physical body.With Ladmira’s guidance, you will learn how to:

  • Access and work with energy to connect more deeply with your physical self
  • Remove mental and psychological block that may lead to diseases
  • Restore balance to your physical and psychological self

By connecting ancient wisdom and shamanic practices you will unlock your full potential to experience the joys and pleasures of life.

Slavic – Altai Yoga

Yoga is essential for our mental, emotional and physical development. Learning to channel energy is one of the biggest benefits of yoga. A priceless gift from our ancestors, yoga is based ancient philosophies and practices that have served humanity for generations.

Today, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different yoga disciplines. These include:

  • Asanas – picture of asana;
  • Pranayamas Great – picture;
  • Psychological Pranayama of Yogis;
  • Group asana;
  • Prayer;
  • Self creation of a Holy – Healing Prayer;
  • Dynamic Meditations;
  • Times of tears;
  • Shamanic running and/or walking
  • Indo – Tibetian Energy techniques for Eternal Youth and vitality of Physical Body.



According to ancient Tibetan wisdom, diseases do not come about randomly, they are predetermined by our overall life experience. Diseases can be influenced by karmic experiences or astrological developments. But they always arise when a person loses his personal and spiritual power.

Spiritual healing and shamanic practices help people regain control over their bodies by activating the spiritual power needed to navigate a healthy lifestyle.

Principles of Spiritual Healing
In ancient Siberian tradition, a spiritual healer guides a seeker on a journey to find and balance their energy flow. Connecting the physical and spiritual worlds, the healer helps activate a shift in self-perception, expanding the consciousness and connecting with the Devine power.

Areas of Guided Spiritual Healing

  • Astro-karate
  • Sampo System
  • Weight Loss
  • Elevation of Depression

Healing Degenerative and Chronic Illnesses

Shamans believe that spiritual healing can help people suffering with degenerative and chronic illnesses. Working with energy and accessing ancient shamanic practices, healers guide patients in managing pain. Below are a few examples of holistic healing approaches.

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