Ladamira reveals ancient secrets of health and youth through natural methods and ancient techniques that help people around the world to feel deeper connection with their physical body; understand the language of the energy of all systems and organs within, and learn how to heal and remove blockages that cause disease on the physical and psychological planes. 

A love relationship between a man and a woman can be the embodiment of spirituality, as it is through profound union with a loved one that a person can understand ultimate harmony and spiritual union with the Universe, and with God.  

Are you seeking more financial independence? Do you want to learn the secret of building a successful business? Maybe you’ve already tried a few “get rich quick” schemes, or fallen for some popular fads. But now you’re ready to embrace what’s really at the heart of success: freedom and abundance.

To you get started, we’ve created a special shamanic ritual that can help you:

  • Connect to spiritual wealth
  • Get out of debt and poverty
  • Strengthen your unique protective energy field
  • Create a life you love

Woman as a Goddess!
Are you a woman who’s looking to empower yourself to lead a more balanced and healthy life?
Through guided exercises and meditations based on ancient shamanic healing techniques, every woman can reconnect with the sacred female energy.

A woman’s sexual energy is the most powerful path to her vitality, youth, health and beauty. Yet so many women feel disconnected form their feminine selves. Releasing stress, fatigue and low vibrations can harmonize a woman’s physical and psychological state of being.

As a shaman and spiritual healer, Ladamira helps women around the world rejuvenate and refresh their feminine power.

Drawing on ancient knowledge and shamanic traditions, Ladamira guides women in Slavic Yoga — focusing on Pranayama, Тemple Dancesand shamanic ritual on how to attract the spirit of youth.