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Are you seeking more HARMONY and BALANCE in your life?

Do you feel stuck in your daily routine?
… Unsatisfied with work or family life?
… Struggling with money and finances?
… Have you tried talking to your friends and healthcare professionals with no real results?

We understand your struggle and are here to help.

As a shaman and spiritual healer, Ladamira has helped thousands of people access a more harmonious and balanced life.

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Basic health diagnosis

Below is a preview of the basic healing scan Ladamira performs and the outcomes you can expect.

1. Physical and spiritual scan to identify individual talents and opportunities, as well as any obstacles standing in the way of full development. Clearing blocked chakras to reveal full potential for accessing spiritual healing and the Devine.

2. Diagnosis of masculine and feminine good fortune to reveal what spiritual task must be achieved. A path to harmonious relationships is identified and any existing obstacles are analyzed. Information about the talents and any possible blockages from past lives are revealed. Finally, an opening of the path to a highest realization of the Soul is activated.

3. Diagnosis of karma examines the causes of a current situation. Session includes research into ancestral roots, talents and abilities, as well as any potential blocks or obstacles. Activation of self realization through a clear understanding of the current situation and ancient wisdom of self development.

4. Analysis and diagnosis of a personal life purpose based on the understanding that the body is a tool to achieve a set of higher goals. This includes an exploration of karma — in terms of individual strength and experience, and ancestry — as a foundation for self realization.

5. Shamanic diagnosis through a call to the sacred Spirits to help answer individual questions.

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You’re welcome to bring photos of loved ones as you embark on your spiritual healing journey.


Diagnosis of abundance

Ladamira help you with diagnosis of abundance.

In the shamanic journey you will be helped to understand the reasons for the poverty, the money issues and tangible energy in your life and in the life of your family.
Someone may have a damnation of the past , fear to be rich, or because someone earlier could kill or send to the north a whole family. Or your had a grudge and envy on a rich and greedy relative – all this creates weir on river of abundance, the weir not allowing an abundance to give you what you deserve.

You will shown way out of difficulties. How to restore the power of the abundance of you kind, your personal power.

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