Guide of Free Practices after Individual Sessions and Workshops

  1. Morning Practice (Happy Morning ritual):
  • As soon as you wake up, pray: “oh infinite. I am coming back from the divine paradise of dreams to the world of obstacles and difficulties. Let them be blessed because through them I can grow. Allow me to remember and develop through each situation sent by you. Allow me not to forget you in this daily life. Help me. Let it be. Ownnn.”
  • Activating your physical body:

Step 1) a small jog in which you use 10% of effort and 90% of joy; let your body feel some heat.

Step 2) use the power of nature to heal any pains you may have.

Step 3) Practice Earth and Sky Therapy: express negative energy, feelings and emotions by “punching down” the Earth very mad. For example: “I won’t be angry. I won’t be aggressive.” (be very mad when you say itL). Next, change the direction of the energy by “greeting” the Sky with positive energy. For example: “I am happy. I will always be gentle. I am tolerant. Yeahh!!!”(be happy and excited when you say itJ).

Step 4) Practice the Laugh Therapy: just laugh for as much as you like (with a minimum of 3 minutes). Step 5) Practice Dance Therapy: to activate energy and increase focus for daily tasks.

  1. Before meals, prayer: “Oh my Divine Father. I thank you for this food and ask you, help me to see this meal as a sacred ritual of transformation of the energy of this raw food into subtle energy of love, benevolence, wisdom and conscious light. And do not allow that this energy goes to negative emotions or empty dreams. Let it be. Ownnn”
  2. Sansa Chat: Each Saturday meeting with heroes of the books “After Death” & ” Adventures of Mystic”. Welcome to join! LOGIN: Sansa1 Skype chat to discuss weekly learnings from the books “After Death” & ” Adventures of Mystic”, as well as to acquire weekly knowledge and to receive weekly practices that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.
  3. Field of Love: directed to harmonize family situations, relationships, and pray to all the children of the world. We create a field of love to all the people who are praying and to their friends and family. Possible to receive the special Initiation and Certificate to conduct “Field of love ceremonies”.
  4. Books to download: “After Death” and “Adventures of Mystic”
  5. Articles: ,,
  6. Articles on Facebook: look for Diana Suemi’s page and Ladamira Peaceful’s page
  7. Shri Bhakti Guru
  8. Whats App support group: we make sure our communication continues, so we can always be connected and support each other through our own experiences after the workshops
  9. Before bed time, pray: “Oh my Divine Father. Now, my soul will pass to the world of dreams, to the subtle body, freeing itself from the physical body and the physical world. Now, I will return home, in which I will recover strength and power to live again in the physical world. Send me prophetic dreams because the future arrives from the subtle plans. Please, send me energy and elevated states. Let it be. Ownnnn.”
  10. Being Proactive: a great opportunity to attend a workshop for FREE if you may bring 4 friends along with you. Please approve the discount “in-doors” with organizers.
  11. Circle Healing Prayer: opportunity to send photos of family members or friends to our email who are in deep need, so we can pray for them.
  12. First Timer: You may get a 20 min FREE consultation for newcomer via SKYPE. In this way, you are given a wonderful opportunity to understand our healing work.