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What about love?

Hi! It’s an amazing day and I hope you feel it too! So, I decided to share one of the Yoursansa-Chat with you, my friends today. Even in spite of that the chat is far not for everyone, but this is something that would help you in your love relationships, your self acknowledge and heal […]

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My insights in Boulder

It was snow in the end of April. Sudden and unexpected guest of my spring warm weather anticipation joined my morning practices. I wanted the sun to come and say its pleasant hello. But it did not. The whitish moisture snowflakes were falling down as if willing to send the blessing from above. But they […]

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The world of lucent spots

Yan and his female friends sat by the ocean and they were looking at the immense waves of landswell with acute fascination. Ocean was a gigantic living being, which felt all of it’s dwellers, and it even greeted Yan and his female friends, who observed it’s greatness. It was alive, just like everything around was: […]


Ladamira, a mensageira da Paz

por Salete Rêgo Barros*     O entendimento de nossas origens, o que estamos fazendo no planeta Terra, aonde iremos após a morte de nosso corpo físico e por que sofremos, são questionamentos presentes em toda a humanidade, até então não equacionados de forma satisfatória. Vivemos em constante inquietação. O mal parece ser o vencedor […]


Ladamira, a Peace Messenger

by Salete Rêgo Barros* The understanding of our origins, what we are doing on planet Earth, where we will go after the death of our physical body and why we suffer, are questions present in all humanity, hitherto not satisfactorily equated. We live in constant restlessness. Evil seems to be the winner in the battle […]

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Borovaya Mother (Orthilia Secunda) is anciently known as women’s herb. According to a legend, before God created a man on Earth, he blew his breath of life into plants to give plants man-like characteristics. Borovaya Mother, like Eve of the botanical world, carries in itself an essence of a true feminine nature! «Oh, dear Mother […]

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Darshan notes

The trouble is that the thoughts that are changed pertain only to one of the many ‘I’, whilst the remaining multiple ‘I’ within the being go on thinking as before. So, the first step in one’s transformation is that all these ‘parts’ should think correctly and never again form incorrect thoughts. This is the meaning […]