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Taynah Rufatto

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Proposal to organizers and potential partners: We propose potential partners a collaboration to organize events in Europe, Latin America, USA, Canada, Australia.

Special bonuses for collaboration: Partnership program provides special bonuses for organizers and their teams.

  • Special training for the organizer and the team about how to invite more people, sales techniques, how to create effective ads. Trainers will share their international experience;
  • 1 free individual session for organizer or his family for each 20 people that the organizer will invite to the event or individual work;
  • Special discount to organizer for all materials, (books, CDs, DVD,s, etc) which the organizer can sell to his clients with the maximum profit for their business;
  • International visibility. Trainers can place the info about the organizer and their logos on international platforms: web pages, FB accounts and so on.

Our proposal offers 2 packages for partnership and collaboration: General & Exclusive

GENERAL Partnership


  • Prepayment 4 weeks before the event,  for a minimum of 15 people in order to confirm event and to buy flight ticket for trainer;
  • Minimum number of people: 15 in case of paid participation and 50 in case of charity event as CHP or free of charge presentational events;
  • The organizer has the same rights as others partners in the region.

EXCLUSIVE partnership

Conditions for being exclusive representative in the region:

  • Prepayment 50% before 4 weeks the event start;
  • Minimum number of people: 50 in case of paid participation and 100 in case of charity event as CHP or free of charge presentational events.

Additional Option for partnership – fee-scheme

  • The Organizer pays the FEE to invite a trainer in accordance with the format and type of event: 2-3 days retreat, 1 day seminar, 2-3 hours workshop
  • The Organizer is allowed to set the price for the event depending on bench-mark
  • The FEE is negotiable by both sides and the sum of Fee is set in the contract
  • The organizer is allowed to pay extra bonus which will be directed to charity
  • TBD


Before the event the trainer has to provide the organizer with:

  • Detailed description of the topics for the seminar and discuss them with the organizer
  • Mailing and ads on the FB pages of the trainer
  • All the necessary material for the seminar that needs printing
  • Information about costs and discounts for different types of events (workshops, seminars, retreats, individual sessions)

Reports & follow ups

  • After the event the organizer must report back to trainers with:
    • Financial report
    • List of contacts of people at all events
    • Photos and videos
  • Organizers and trainers will have a follow-up meeting in order to review and plan the future activities based on the experience they just had.
  • If both sides are interested in a long-term collaboration they will discuss and support each other’s goals.