The course «A female guardian»


The course «A female guardian» is for those, who wish to disclose the power of Nature Woman-mother, of the beloved one, of the female guardian within them.

What is to be done by the one, who guards and preserves peace and harmony in the house? What is the way to do, in order to make live free of conflicts and quarrels, what is the way to help the nearest and dearest ones and indeed your own self to keep well? What is the way to succeed in retaining and increasing the family’s material wealth during the recessionary, rough time?

Now it all should seem a fairy-tale to us, meanwhile the ancestors of Slavonians – Daarians lived in such a reality!

All our problems originate due to the fact, that we’re far removed our true nature of God-people. We don’t understand ourselves, we don’t understand the things, that we want from life. Because the people have lost the attainments about unity with ONE’S OWN SELF, with the nature, about the fact, that all of us are the children of the Gods and of the Mother-Nature in the modern world! A pretty strenuous fault has occurred in the upbringing of children in the contemporary civilization: while filling their minds with the information, the people forget to bring up a human’s Soul and heart. And although it seems to us, that everything is looking well – TV set functions well, the internet-based technology gets improved with each year, the satellites furrow through the horizon, but the supreme science of love, of beauty, of forgiveness remains at the same  level – just  take a look at the number of wars raging around! So much evil gets created first on the movie-screens and in games, and then it gets materialized in our world.

Why ever does it occur? The people had digressed from the nature, having lost The Knowledge about the way to establish relations in the family, the way to give birth to children. We don’t know the way to be healthy, because we’re far removed from our internal nature. We don’t know the way to foment a success of Yarylo- the sun inside of us, after all, there is a possibility of being rich within each of us! There’s a great deal of powers, spirits around us, which can be as good-natured, so too evil – but the people are unsuspicious of possibilities of averters, although they have been used by our ancestors throughout millennia. All that had been customary for our wise arch-fathers and arch-mothers before – health, happiness, longevity, a resilient kindred- has become a fairy-tale for us now! The time has come to return the very power to us, which is initially possessed by us. I’ll gladly share the very knowledge, which saved my life and which made hundreds of people- my friends and disciples with You in this course. We’ll recall our nature of health and of youth- it is within You! The program of 300 years of life is tattled within us at the genic level! And previously a 150-year-elder looked the same way, that a 30-year-old human looks today, thanks to the rites. We’ll learn the ways, in which our ancestors could attract the best partner, with whom they were happy throughout the whole life, the ways to build up a harmonious relationship with all the nearest and dearest people in the family. You’ll learn the ways to beget and to rear a child, the ways to attract success and wealth to the proper family, and the ways to protect and to guard the proper kindred, so that You could always be healthy, prosperous, loving and beloved! I wish You happiness, my dear ones, guard Yourself and Your Kindred!