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My insights in Boulder

It was snow in the end of April. Sudden and unexpected guest of my spring warm weather anticipation joined my morning practices. I wanted the sun to come and say its pleasant hello. But it did not. The whitish moisture snowflakes were falling down as if willing to send the blessing from above. But they dissolved quickly when hitting the ground. They preferred to disappear.

I was meditating in the temple room. My teacher Kalki was with me. I tried to keep this connection as vivid as possible. This snowy morning made me think, well, how often do life meet our expectations? I would say never. Though when the Universe stretches and expands the reality beyond the expectations, people call it surprise.


Oftentimes unexpected heart-aching events are confused with injustice. If you are not prepared, who are to blame? And the truth is we have to be prepared. Even more, we have to be prepared to be unprepared. All I want to say is that to live in present moment means to have no expectations. Expectations make you live in the future, in the imaginary world missing all that is around now. Expectations break the soul and create judgments in your head. Expectations manipulate your emotions. Expectations means that you have no hope and faith. Expectations mean you want things to be your way. Memories on the contrary bring you back and you start travelling withing the past.


In fact people’s mind is like being on the swing, either it contemplates about the past or imagines the future. But “now” never exists because you always have something to remember and something to expect. Just calculate how much do you “expect” every day. And my dear spiritual family I recommend you meditating to empower your now.


Also there is a difference between faith and expectations.  How do you think,which one?

And this morning I prayed the Universe not to be like a snowflake. Yep, that simple prayer. Not to be just inspired,pure and powerless at the same time. I know that touching the ground may be a painful experience. The same as when you realise one day that your ideas and dreams need implementation efforts. You have to purse your goals and literally it means to stand up and do, search, fail and do again. I ask you not to be afraid to hit the ground when building your dreams. Again, not to be a snowflake whose choice is to surrender. Always finish what you do and purse your goals until you get it.

Stop being helpless, useless little child. Because you are not. People who read my blog are already special and I meet many of you in my meditations. You are souls of light, you are spiritual volunteers and servants of the mankind. I wish everyone of you to be brave and strong whatever it takes.


I thanked my teacher Kalki and finished the meditation.