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The world of lucent spots


Yan and his female friends sat by the ocean and they were looking at the immense waves of landswell with acute fascination. Ocean was a gigantic living being, which felt all of it’s dwellers, and it even greeted Yan and his female friends, who observed it’s greatness. It was alive, just like everything around was: the nebules, the wind, the light – all of it was filled with life, which doesn’t get noticed by the people on the Earth, who are tantalizingly constrained by the one-ideaed perceptions about  the world.

They heard the noise behind their backs on a sudden. Upon looking around, they saw, that a new tree emerged on the glade. They understood, that it had got shifted hitherto from the other forest. It started communicating briskly with the trees, which grew here, that walked with a dancing gait slightly, meeting the new dweller. Here, in contradistinction from the Earth, the trees and the other plants could shift in their own volition and they could even move. As for the Earth, only the very soul of the tree was able to shift, but it’s body remained on the spot. Leila was found to be next to the friends on a sudden. She seemed perturbate.

– Wherefrom did you come here – Yan asked her.

– Just think of that, I have just been to an amazing place, where the life moves forward in a way, which is different from ours. None the less, we made our world on the model of the earthly world, and there’s nothing similar to the things, which are present here, over there.

–  Let’s fly, and take a look at it, – Reiyah said.

And they carried themselves there, where she had come flying from instantly, by setting themselves up for Leila. The golden bright spots were shining in an absolutely black bottomless tract, around which the volumetric coloured ornamental patterns were emerging at the diverse angles likewise the celebratory gunfires. They flowed, they superfused, like they do in the kaleidoscope, they changed colors, the form, the depth in the tract. An amazing sound was spreading at the same time, which superfused, which changed it’s tonality. It was composed as if of multitude of the tones, sounds, melodies, something similar to the tollers and the percussion. All of the lucent spots were producing this sound. It was the means of their cooperative communion. Each spot interlaced it’s own tone, it’s own sounding into a general harmony.

73e49d59da5c1c9eaede3d32ace0e5fbThis sound looked like a creeping snake in the tract, which was composed of the multicolored gems, each of which irradiated a ray of light into the tract. A spectacle was mindbending. The lucent spots were the living beings, and they noticed the emerging of guests in their world. The whimsical faces emerged from the spots      right then, which started looking at the newcomers. One of the faces approached them.

– I – Ale, am greeting You in our world, – it said.

The others greeted it as well.- How interesting, – Yan said. – So, you have faces, too, like we do. And I thought, that you and we have no similarities.

– These faces, – Ale responded, – were created by us only for intercommunication with you, so that it would be easier for you to perceive us. And as much the ornamental patterns, which you saw, serve as faces for us, –  they  reverberate our individuality.

– How unusual Your world is, after all, – Bhagovati said.

– The God created denumerable infinite of similar worlds in the subtle plane, – Ale responded, – where one is entirely dissimilar to the other. But their principal difference in the levels is as follows: the ones – are closer to The God, more sensible, more clarified and more blissful, the others – are remote, and there’s more of darkness there. Well, and as for the physical world, whereto you’ve been – it’s the roughest world and the world, which is the remotest from The God, where everything is contrary to the way, in which the supreme worlds are arranged. Instead of omniscience – there’s ignorance. Instead of bliss – there’s a suffering, instead of unity – there’s a  disunity. I had been thereto once and it seemed to me, that I got into hell, but such notions must exist as well for the Absolute’s manifoldness.

 Then the friends witnessed a strange phenomenon: a mushroom with a face on it’s cap was flying through the world of lucent spots and it was carrying a human in it’s roots, in the same manner, in which the vulture carries it’s kill. A human was similar to a somnambulant, looking at everything with the haunted eyes, collocating hands sidewards, after the fashion of the plane.

– What is this?! – Leila exclaimed.

And the friends understood at once, that it was a drug-addict, which was carried through various worlds by the spirit of psychotropic mushrooms.

– Are the night dreams and the plant of daydreams – the only way of travelling through the subtle plane for the earthlings? – Yan said.

– No, – Ale objected. – You have also got shamans so far. If a human is not a shaman, then his (her) journey is unpredictable. It is unknown, as to what his dreams will be about, whereto the plant is going to carry him (her): to the heaven or to the hell. Since a logical perception should get switched off, in order to travel through the subtle plane, which helps a human interact in the society, but in the meantime it is the human’s fetters, which put blinders on him (her) and which prevent him (her) from seeing all, that is beyond the scope of that world model, which was inculcated into him (her) during the upbringing. Meanwhile the shaman sets him(her)self up beforehand for the things he (she) wishes to see and he (she) keeps hold of the proper intention during the entering into the trance. Then the spirits carry him (her) there, where he (she) needs to be. An ordinary human, in turn, is unable to concentrate on the proper task, to create an attitude of mind and whatever things may happen to him (her): he (she) may take a fancy for flying and he (she) will jump out of the window, thinking him(her)self to be a bird.

Yan recalled the things, that happened to him, when he was going to Amsterdam and he burst out laughing. The friends and the spots saw the things, which he had recalled as well.

He and his friend came flying to Amsterdam’s airport and he showed surprise, upon seeing a crowd of adrift people, who are clearly influenced by a dose there. One approached them. He turned out to be a Russian and he asked how he could get to the check-in desk. Yan had explained it to him, but the yonder, seeming to have forgotten everything, resumed to asking all the same. And it repeated three times. As a result Yan asked him «Where are your ticket and passport?».

The yonder couldn’t answer anything.  Yan saw the ticket’s edge in the lapel pocket, the passport was in the same place. They had to lead him to the check-in desk themselves and to do everything in his stead. The customer officers had already got used to it, and nobody was amazed at that.

Then they set off looking for the mushrooms and they saw, that the policemen were switching on a zoot, they approached the policemen. A friend knew the language and he asked, where the hash was sold. A policeman began to explain. The next moment they were approached by the car with the managing stuff. The cops took a stand at attention the way they could, trying not to manifest, that they had zooted. A crazed principal’s face leaned out of the window, who seemed to be influenced with some hard drug, somewhat like LSD, and, it pronounced a series of inarticulate sounds. Thereafter the principal drove on.

Yan and his friend scarcely controlled themselves, to refrain from laughing at the spectacle’s absurdity, but they themselves got into a similar situation, upon eating the mushrooms to excess: they couldn’t understand, where and for what they were, pottering around the city and getting visuals. The city and the people turned out to be plastic. Everything flowed and opalized with diverse colours, everything seemed to be alive. The world became an integral whole, and they were talking to the trees and the houses. The body seemed to be a bundle of energy, while the thoughts were entering the head and leaving from it like the nebules.

All at once he felt, that he wasn’t Yan actually, but that he was The God, who observes the life of a strange being, which was called Yan.

They got crashed of this status raggedly by the morning and they decided – they shouldn’t eat mushrooms before they got into the plane, or else they wouldn’t fly away.

They came out of the plane weirdly.

– Do you know, whereto should we go? – Yan asked a friend.

The yonder said, that he knew it. The embarked into the taxi. The friend answered to the question, as to where they were supposed to go to, that they would go to Vasya. Yan scarcely recalled the name of the district, where the mentioned person lived, and he was able to announce it.

I didn’t know the way to square accounts with the taxi driver, since I didn’t understand, what the money was. I draw something out of the purse and I gave it to the taxi driver, in order to square accounts.

We got lost, being in our neighborhood, since we couldn’t recognize anything. And only at the time, when the mushrooms started loosening their grip on us, we were able to understand, where we were and to reach the house, which was always nearby.

They couldn’t recognize a familiar district, while roaming through it. It seemed to Yan, that he got into some enigmatic world, inhabited by whimsical creatures, meanwhile the high-road seemed to be the river, which was swum through by the multicolored species of fish.

– Yes, – Ale remarked, – this can’t result in anything. The ancient people on our Earth considered the plants of daydreams to be the holy ones and they consumed such plants during the special day with the ritual, which were performed by the priests. This ritual contributed to the correct attitude of mind, and then the plant’s spirit would help gain the necessary knowledge, to resolve an important problem, to disclose exceptional abilities. Meanwhile the shaman does it, without performing the indicated actions, by entering the trance, wherein the spirits helped him (her) get into the necessary world and accomplish an important task.

The friends came back, upon admiring an amazing world of lucent spots and upon having a sufficient communication with it’s dwellers to their hearts’ content.

– When LSD had been invented, – Leila said, – then the secret services of different countries pursued a secret investigation, and they saw, that LSD shattered the prison of imposed upbringing’s perception, just like the other drug, and the human becomes free, the one, who isn’t fettered with the chains of the generally accepted world view, ideology, he (she) may spin out of control. Therefore the drugs were forbidden in all of the countries, since the people started seeing everything in a realistic way, their eyes were getting opened.

– Yes, these are not only the secret services, – Raiyah added, – but the popes, who were against as well. When Timothy had given LSD to the young clergymen during the mass, they started seeing The God and communicating with Him, the Patriarch of Rome said: «If everyone at stretch will see The God, then there will be no need for us as the mediators between The God and the human and our ascendance will run short». It isn’t advantageous to anyone, that the people may become free from the perception’s blinders.

– Yes, and not only the drugs, – Bhagovati proceeded with the topic, – but also the meditation, the trance are attempted to get forbidden as well, all the spiritual trends are attempted to be proclaimed the sects, since they lead a human beyond the boundaries of a constricted world’s vision, they make him (her) happy without ordinary gingerbreads, by means of which the society manipulates him (her) like a circus dog.

– Yes, – Yan added, – a human can see miraculous worlds and everything as it is only by switching the reason off, which was given to him (her) by the society.

The drawing to the MD to the chapter «The lucent spots»:

  1. The dancing trees with the faces atop, the formation of trees flies through the sky
  2. There are unusual faces against the black background, like in the «Avatar», there’s an earmark on the forehead – a golden lucent spot. They are located at the diverse distances, and some of them are farther from each other, while the others are closer to each other.  There’s a heavyset face on the centre, there’s a proper ornamental pattern around each face. The ornamental patterns of diverse colours and forms are located at diverse angles towards each other.  There’s a mushroom flying atop with the face, it carries a human in the roots, like a vulture carries the kill, with the crazed expression, dilated pupils, who collocated his hands sidewards, like the wings. A snake of gems coils on the underside, a ray of light proceeds out of each gem. All the gems are of diverse colors and gem-cutting.