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Each of us carries a great power, but not everyone is aware of its scope.  The name of this power is our ancestors and our family roots. But many people now simply do not know how to use it.  In ancient times people knew at least seven generations of their ancestors – their strengths and weaknesses, talents and hereditary diseases. This helped them to choose the right path in life without making fatal mistakes.

Now people know the most about their great-grandparents, and only in general. That’s why it is difficult for people to realize that most of their problems are “inherited” from their ancestors: a chronic lack of money, the tendency to alcoholism, unhappy marriages, mental illness… As a result, people can not use their tribal strong abilities and talents, but generation after generation they “step on the same rake”, materializing their poor family karma. That’s why unfortunate people are raising unfortunate children, who, in turn, grow up just to repeat the mistakes of their parents. And there is no end. To break finally this vicious circle, it is necessary to unite with the power of your ancestors, it is necessary to understand what talents gifted to you by your ancestors, and to understand what “obstacles” prevent you to manifest your talents.

The ancient Slavic ritual “Connection with the ancestral power”, which consists of several steps” perfect for people who wants to find out their “ancestral programs”. You can learn more and participate in this ritual at the show-presentation – “Healing and  connection with the ancestral power” on December 3 at 4 pm in Plummer Park in Fiesta Hall. It is a charity event, and all donations will be used  to cover the organizational expenses and  to arrange the retreat, “Connection with the ancestral power” in Los Angeles from 9 to 11 December , which will be conducted by very powerful Siberian Slavic healer Ladamira.

Ladamira is an international coach, healer, Slavic shaman, who has  profound knowledge of many disease treatment methods, among them ancient  Tibetian and Indian healing modalities.
20 years ago, doctors told Ladamira that her life will finish in 3 months. She was a young girl then, just graduated from the University, and thought that all doors are opened to her now, but … Ladamira has learned that she has to die from leukemia…

Nobody believed she can be healed. The doctors refused to treat her, and relatives said already goodbye to her, friends have turned away, they had their own problems and her husband left her alone. It is only through deep prayer and faith, she was able to meet her enlightened teacher, Great White Shaman, Kalki, who healed her. After that Ladamira opened her own healing abilities and she treated people from the most severe and incurable diseases. Now, for more than 20 years, she travels around the world. Ladamira has been in the US, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, the Baltic States, Poland, India, UAE, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, healing severely ill, raising some of them from wheelchairs. Many Ladamira’s women patients are healed of breast, uterine  and ovarian cancer. Ladamira helped also her students to concur such serious diseases like AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis.

While traveling around the world, Ladamira  helps women to find their soul mates and enables them to  give birth to healthy beautiful children . Ladamira became a godmother 18 times to the children of the  women she healed. Many of them had an “infertility” diagnosis.

Ladamira’s mission is to help people. Day and night she prays for people’s souls and organizes charity events. All donations collected at those events are sent to the charities, which help children, women and elderly people  in need.

Now you have the opportunity to meet Ladamira personally and ask her  questions. On December 3 at Ladamira invites you to participate in an unusual show where Ladamira will demonstrate super abilities  and will help you to purify your ancestry roots of past sufferings, so we can remove the obstacles in the present and achieve happiness.