Ladamira, a Peace Messenger

by Salete Rêgo Barros*

The understanding of our origins, what we are doing on planet Earth, where we will go after the death of our physical body and why we suffer, are questions present in all humanity, hitherto not satisfactorily equated.

We live in constant restlessness. Evil seems to be the winner in the battle against good. The feeling that all is lost torments us. However, there is something that feeds us, keeps us alive, tells us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel – an image that is found intestimonials of many cultural expressions, NDE experiences that is near death experiences, dreams, hypnotic trances, all these letting us to have hope.

The Slav tradition, which has existed for thousands of years, provides answers to many of these questions, inspires and structures the work of therapists, psychologists, artists, and all those concerned with self development.

In the early days of mankind, there were no frontiers between science, art, and religion. Everything was based on a single matter: to know the forces of nature and to know how to use them for the benefit of humanity.

For a long time this knowledge was accessible only to the sages, who preserved the connection with the power of the Universe – key to harmony and health, in a holistic dimension. As the present world undergoes through a times of great transformation, this knowledge is becoming available to as many people as possible.
Ladamira, messenger of this wisdom, was in Recife, state of Pernambuco – Brazil where I was fortunate to be with her in several situations. I was encouraged to write an article expressing “why” and “in what” the work she has been developing in many parts of the world is so relevant.

Owner of characteristics, I would say –  telluric, Ladamira expresses her beauty into words. Wise words that enable the (feminine) loving energy as the essence for our species preservation, in counterpart to the egoic (masculine) energy.

Her words reveal the shamanic traditions, bringing back teachings left by great masters of humanity, among them Buddha, Christ, Osho, Gandhi, Kalki. The practice of meditation connects us with the Divine, with the Universe. ´They soothe the soul, balance the energy of the body´, says Ladamira.

Ladamira pinpoints the path to the connection with the natural elements that strengthen the true human nature and the recovery of our ability to feel joy by removing masks and blockages, harmonizing our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual worlds, making them work for us as a unit .

I would like to highlight here a ritual of ´gratitude to life´, carried out last evening on October 24 of 2016, at the backyard of Cultura Nordestina Letras & Artes – Northeasthern Cultural Center of Literature and Arts, where Ladamira sung, played her drum, invoked Master Kalki and all ancestral wisdom.

I thank life for all possibilities, for the air I breathe, for the disappointments, for the achievements, for everything I have and for what I do not know; For the talents, for the wisdom, for the responsibility that guides me; For the beauty of my soul and for the luck I have in doing what I love to do”.

I thank life for my strong and beautiful body; By the eyes, lips; By the cheekbones, by the shoulders, beautiful shoulders; Hands, strong, flexible hands; Fortunate enough to have them; By the toes (How lucky I am!); By the chest, by the belly, by the hair, beautiful hair that I caress with the hands.

“I accept the temple, which is my body. I take care of you, I love you, I need you so that my spirit can embody my talents here on Earth. I will take care of you, every day, with massages, oils, healthy foods, fresh fruit juices, exercises, with joy.” 

“ I feel the love of the angels who gave me so many talents. My life is a great miracle. Thank you for the opportunity to be healthy and happy. Thank you for my work and for this beautiful house that helps to awaken in people the many talents they have; Which helps awaken the creative forces.  May this house become the epicenter of culture and be known throughout Brazil. Here, a field of love is created by enterprising people who speak wise words, which tell jokes. Here prosperity is created. I am the sun of prosperity that radiates light to the world. This house is healthy, successful. Let it be so !

I feel in a strong and healthy body, in an auspicious and happy home. I can give, I can ask, I receive, and when I ask, I give people the chance to become strong. I get help from people. I deserve to receive. My destiny deserves to receive.

This is a prayer that materializes for the people, for my family, so that they value life. Value life, it is in short: health, joy, love, help. Gratitude and joy in the morning when you wake up, as you fall asleep. I am  happy. I have time to value life, the simple things, how to thank, give, receive, rejoice.

I appreciate the lessons of the Creator and accept them with love. I ask for protection, guidance, discipline, balance. I accept the luck, I accept the goods. Endless gratitude for opportunities. I am a thankful soul of God. I give to God and the sun, the people. I am a channel of possibilities of the spirit. With joy I move, making my body strong.

Let it be so !

Speaking about forgiveness, Ladamira says that “ the human being is dual: while the outside demands actions of indignation in the face of injustice, the interior should be grateful to the opportunity of learning through the pain of loss. Forgive, always. Forgiveness promotes wellness, heals the evils of soul and body.

On energy she says: “it is what keeps us and connects us with the great masters – messengers of the teachings that promote the balance between opposing forces; With the Universe, with Nature.

On health: “the symptoms of the diseases of the body appear when the soul is not healthy, and this happens little by little. Sorrow sickens the liver; The sadness, the heart; Greed, depression, and so on. The remedy for maintaining a healthy body is to sing, dance, laugh – with the diaphragm, embellish itself (female attribute). And love – healing for the diseases of the body, because it does good to the soul.

On the rescuing the feminine: “humanity is distancing itself from the loving, creative (feminine) energy in search of the egoic energy (masculine), that is on the basis of conflicts, wars. The balance between these two energies is urgent. With love and creativity women mediate conflicting situations; With truculence man wants to solve everything. Women are losing their feminine capacity (they want to imitate men, to exercise masculine roles) – as they do not conform anymore to the condition of submission imposed for centuries. The two natures are just different – they need not be contradictory.

On money: evil lies in the imbalance between desire and need (preponderance of masculine energy)”. The investiments done by people on several courses, workshops and private consultations Ladamira carries out world out is to cover travel expenses (10%) and the major amount is invested on children, victims of the war in Ukraine.

On the exchanges: the Universe requires exchanges (cause and effect) – to inspire (receive); Expire (give) – this balance is necessary.

Using the children palyground slide  metaphor, where “children play climbing the steps against the descent – performing a work that consequently generates energy”, Ladamira teaches techniques of activating the channels of creativity through meditation, mantras, physical exertion (exercises and dance).

The energy generated through these efforts and laughter (she recommends laughing daily for 3 minutes) is able to promote health and prosperity”.

Ladamira is a shaman from Siberia, Russia, Slavonic healer of the ninth generation.

For more than 20 years, she has been practicing the art of connecting female wisdom with shamanic traditions to provide transformative spiritual healing by combining intuition with knowledge inherited from ancient shamanic practices as a style of life to help empower people to living a most  fulfilling life.

She travels around the world to share this knowledge and perform powerful healing rituals. Through shamanic workshops and courses, she has helped thousands of people access and restore harmony and balance in their lives.

Ladamira reveals the secrets of health and youth through natural methods and helps people to awaken their most special individual talents. She is also a specialist in body purification methods, Slav Yoga teacher, Integral Healing,  Lineage Strength Power, Slavic Tantra, Orphic Slavic Theatre, Shamanism, women’s health – taught in courses and seminars.

She regularly returns to Siberia – where shamanism continues to be an important tradition – to reconnect with other distinguished shamanic healers and elders. She keeps developing her studies to bring about more knowledge and strenght the connection with the Divine, in order to help people to enjoy their full potentiality for a healthy and most rewarding life.

Recife (PE – Brazil), November 2016

* Architect, publisher and CEO on cultural executive production of Cultura Nordestina Letras & Artes